If you are setting up a new system, we will make sure everything is configured right the first time. If you are a business looking to replace your current IT support with a team that provides better quality support for a lower price, then we will first perform a complete IT audit. We can perform complete licensing, asset, security and compliance audits to ensure that you have are complying with all laws, regulations and best business practices. And if you do decide to let us service your technology, there are no long term contracts and you’ll always have the passwords to your company.

Our concept of IT Support encompasses everything from networking, hardware and software. We can setup a new system for you, upgrade or fix your existing system and then maintain it going forward to ensure you have years of trouble free service. It doesn’t matter whether you have an aging computer or network in desperate need of maintenance or you need a top of the line system with the most powerful hardware available, we can help.

Through our partnership with Allegiance Telecom Services, we can also provide top tier Telephony services.

Design > Procure > Build > Install > Maintain

Data Recovery

We’ll recover almost any Hard Drive or SD Card for just $99 and you pay nothing if we can’t recover your data.

If you’ve just dropped your laptop and lost your files, or dropped your smartphone in the toilet, you’ve come to the right place. Most companies will charge you $300-3000 to recover your data and those services are great if you really need that data and it’s been through a fire. However, 99% of the time your data is still there, it just needs to be copied with special software and patience. We have a 90% success rate recovering lost data from dropped or failing hardware. Power off your device immediately and give us a call. If you’re in Hendersonville or Nashville we can pick up the drive from you or you can just drop it off at our office in Hendersonville. Depending on the extent of the damage we’ll attempt to recover the data and put it on a flash drive or a replacement hard drive for you.

The first time you hear that drive start clicking or you get “Data Not Found” shut down your device and contact us. Our success rates dramatically increase the sooner we can get to work.

  1. Inspect the hardware for damage and repair as necessary.

  2. Copy all raw data to an external drive.

  3. Scan copied data for file structure.

  4. Repair and recover files.

  5. Send links to customer for copy or review.

  6. (Optional) Restore files to a replacement Hard Drive or SD Card.

We can recover data from accidental deletion, accidental formatting, water damage, minor drops, shocks and hardware failure like clicking drives.

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